Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fro Yo. Explain.

We are now within walking distance of 4 fro yos, and only a short drive to a Pinkberry. Oh I know I know, the fro you fad has been in your town for years. The last time we were in Dallas there was a cross-street with a fro yo on three of the corners. But here we get fads - fashion, food or otherwise - years after the fact.

So. Two questions. First, how do they get loans. We are bringing a product here that isn't even here, and getting an SBA loan has been the longest, most difficult process I have ever been through. How do you snag a loan for a store that is exactly the same as a store a block away? Are there that many people who are independently wealthy?

Is frozen yogurt good?


  1. Having had some just a few minutes ago (we live within walking distance of one fro yo place, two gelato places, and two craft ice cream places -- not including the Whole Foods), I think so. At least my checking account would say so. :)

  2. I prefer Red Mango over all others (just the plain regular tart stuff) but there isn't one even close to where I live. On the other hand there are at least (I kid you not) ten fro yo places within a mile of me. I don't get it. Some friends say "oh it's lower calories than ice cream"...uh not when you top it with all that crap they offer. Sigh. I'd rather just have a scoop of really good ice cream or gelato (which is few and far between to find locally).