Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things to do before you die -

My husband's grandfather died last month. His grandmother keeps saying how she can't wait to get to heaven to be with grandaddy and Jesus. If you ask me, thats a little rude to those of us here on earth. Furthermore, how can you want to leave at a time like this- (1) The next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta starts today! and (2) It is almost pumpkin spice latte season!


Today I was on Facebook (the best thing ever invented for the un and underemployed) and got in touch with one my favorite long-lost friends, Julia. This is why I lover her - She is doing wonderful things like making her own spaghetti sauce and opening a natural birthing center. (not in the same place)

It is stupidly cold here for July. So cold that it is almost time to switch from running to yoga and I hate yoga. I love the way I feel after yoga, but the whole process is soooo boring. And that is coming from someone who doesn't mind being bored. I can stare at a wall for eons and think nothing. My husband will say, "What are you thinking?" And I will say "nothing." And he will tell me that I can't be thinking nothing but it is true. I can think absolutely nothing for long periods of time. But I still find yoga boring. My instructor wears a t-shirt that says "Be Present." Here? In this yoga studio. The only way I can get through it is to pretend I am already getting in my car to leave.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I interviewed with a paralegal for a job in a cube that pays way less than I need to make for us to be able to keep our house.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I find it very hard to take advice from someone wearing an ankle bracelet.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Verizon Bill

Note to my former employer. Stop sending me a bill for the final month of my blackberry use. You just saved over six figures this year by not having to pay me anymore so the least you could do is send Verizon the $56 for the calls that I made on your behalf (and the few phone calls that I made to China when my husband was on a business trip).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Laid Off Lawyer

I have made many interesting decisions while drinking margaritas. Considering that sentence describes most of my 20s (and 30's), I have many of those decisions to discuss here.

But first let me say, I am feeling very laid-off. In fact, I am feeling worse than the feeling that it feels to be laid-off. This is because I have been re-employed for five weeks now, but it is actually costing me more to work than I make working.

Why, then, do I work at this job? That's a good question that I am too tired to answer because it is actually tremendously exhausting to not work very hard.

Just a few months ago, I was a big firm, downtown attorney. I was part of the mass lay-offs at the firm. My boss told me the exact mistake that I made that caused me to be a part of the lay-offs, but that is another blog entry.

I am now employed for less than one-third of my former salary, working with a bunch of people that are actually crazier than a bunch of lawyers. We had a company-wide seminar the other day and they catered lunch for the vice presidents and directors only - nobody else. I would like to think that even when I was a higher level employee, I still would have found that offensive.

As a final introductory comment, I intend to add lots of introductory clauses to my sentences here - precisely for the reason that my ex-boss felt that I used too many introductory clauses in my writing.