Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All Is Bright

You know, this is why I love you. Because of your comments, I will ease up on my stepdaughter for dating a 27 year old (but I will not ease up on the 27 year old, should he ever dare to show his face around here).

And perhaps "whiz bang" is endearing.

You people put me in a good mood.

Also, my boss told me I was doing a good job. This can be translated as thank God you are here because someone has to be the regulatory attorney.

Anyway, I am starting to revisit the holiday spirit. There was a bit of a lull there the past two weeks.


  1. When someone sends me flowers I always take a photo and send it to them along with my thank you. That way it comes off as personal and they get to see what their $$$ got them. I have worked in the flower industry so I know the right things to say...which flowers cost way more than other etc. Perhaps your relative could use a lesson in florist lingo.

    It depends on the 18 year old...some are very mature. When I was 19/20/21 I worked and had a life and dated older men because boys my age were just so young to me....and they were still partying like they were in high school. I preferred jazz bars and piano lounges, conversations over champers, lunch at the club etc.

  2. Yay! So glad to have helped! Also, a teachable moment for your son, maybe?

    (Plus,that is awesome about the boss comment!)