Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear Nordstrom Personal Shopper

1.  Never say, "You're a lawyer, you can afford it." 
2.  Never say, "Sorry my breath smells like peanut butter."  Just carry mints.
3.  When I ask in advance to see three specific things, I would like, at some point during that appointment, for you to show me those three things.
4.   Fake your approval when I tell you I want Frye cowboy boots, not riding boots.  Asking me why in disgust is not appropriate, and then brining me riding boots anyway is just annoying.
5.   When the sales associate next to you tells me that you should pre-sale the items to me so I can get double Nordstrom points, you don't act put out and say, "You have enough points already."

I returned the items I got that day.  Nordstrom I expect better.  I am inclined to go back to the Mother Ship.  (Neimans)

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