Friday, August 14, 2009

Men are a trip

Yesterday I stayed at home with my son because he had no summer camp and no school. He asked me questions for 12 hours straight. Twelve. Hours. Straight. I also got him a snazzy haircut that he totally loves because it is still fairly long (the sufer dude cut). When ex-husband picked him up, he made fun of the hair cut. Then ex-husband told me that I was cruel because I hadn't dug up the butterfly bush by the front door and it is completely covered in bees and my son is incredibly afraid of bees. So I dealt with his crap and I had just received a rejection letter from one of the jobs that I applied for. Ten minutes after my son left, my husband walks through the door after being out of town for three days and he asked me about my day. Huge mistake.
I tell him everything - how I am so frustrated with my job search, how I had answered questions about jellyfish and outerspace and math all day long and how ex-husband made fun of the hair cut. And do you know what my husband says to me? He says "I want you."

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