Monday, November 1, 2010

A Rose Giving the Finger to Fall

I love this last, determined rose in the rose garden at the side of our house. It's as if it is saying, "FU frost and wind and rain. I'll say when it's over." Or, perhaps, it does not speak in the vernacular of a Real Housewife and is instead simply saying, "I'm here."

Speaking of saying things, I love this quote below. I love that it is about writing, and I love that it is about not getting angry, an emotion I so rarely access, even when it would be appropriate.

"It wasn't so much cathartic, but in putting it out there and reading it, instead of being so angry, I really missed everyone. I wished they were here."

Ivana Lowell Why Not Say What Happened? (excerpted from an article in the November Elle, Little Girl Lost and Found by A.M. Homes),


  1. On my walk home from the park with P, we saw a last rose also giving the finger to fall. How it made it through the wind storm the other day, I have no idea. But P was delighted and sniffed with great gusto.

  2. There's a tree in our garden (ooops - 'yard' :p ) whose leaves have has remained more or less fully green in sheer defiance of autumn (fall :p ).

    Over the last couple of days, though, it's clear it won't be able to hang on much longer :-(

    It'll be snowing before I know it! :-\