Monday, November 15, 2010

What Hokies Do In Vegas

This is one of my favorite pictures of Vegas . . .

Kind of like in Mean Girls where Gretchen keeps trying to make "fetch" happen, I don't think Fremont East is going to take off any time soon. It's old and seedy, but also kind of retro and trying.

We ended up there because what do you do on a Saturday in Vegas? Track down the head of the Virginia Tech Hokies Club Las Vegas Chapter so you can watch the VT game with your people. I actually find this trait of my husband endearing and the Vegas Hokies are a very nice bunch. One fan's mother made cookies for everyone and another fan bought drinks and snacks for the group.

When I meet up with other SMU Mustangs we ask, "Are we winning any games this season?" "I don't know." "We should keep up with it though because last year the Mustangs ended up at the Aloha Bowl and nobody knew." "Ooooooh Hawaii in January. I love football!"

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  1. Hey there - Watching VT football in Vegas sounds even better than watching it at Lane Stadium. Glad you were able to track down some of your husband's people who, objectively speaking, bring the awesome. Hokies just do. True statement. Bonus points for the cookies.