Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flip Flops

I, generally, am not a fan of the flip flop. I broke down and purchased a pair from Brighton early this summer, as they came with a snazzy little silver alligator, and I do need something I can slip on my feet when I dump the coffee grounds on the roses. (This is the extent of my gardening - dumping trash into the bushes. However, tonight, when we were coming back from the Target, I deadheaded two roses. Not bushes. Roses. Only several hundred more to go. My neighbors hate me.)

Where were we. Flip Flops. No. Purchasing them in leather or with faux jewels does not make them so. Flip flops for taking out the trash? Yes. For a wedding? No. For work? No. I just had to share that because at some point flip flops became office attire and while I generally do not care what anybody is wearing at the office beyond me, I cannot get behind flip flops as even business casual attire.


  1. Flipflops are not acceptable work attire. Even dressy ones that don't make that awful SLAP sound when you walk down a long marble hallway. That's just too much foot.

    BUT. I love flipflops for casual wear. And I'm happy you have your first pair. They will open your eyes to the wonder that is having them all the time. Husband used to hate them and I made him buy a pair once and now he loves them. They're magical, I tell you.

  2. I hate hate hate flipflops. For me, they're only good for communal showers. And for those, I just wear my Tevas, which I use to cross rivers while hiking, for which I couldn't possibly use flipflops. I hate the sound of the slap slap slap down a hallway, too. We are not at the beach, people!

    Just be glad you don't have blackspot. I just went out and removed about 30% of the foliage from my nine hybrid tea rose plants. It took an hour in the steambath outside. Every time I stopped, thinking I was done, and stepped back to look at my work, I'd see yet another leaf with blackspot. If my roses were as numerous as yours, it would be a tremendous headache.

  3. Down with flip flops. I second Staircase Witch--I wear them in the gym shower only.