Friday, August 19, 2011

Pre-First Impressions are the MOST Important.

My son's new 5th grade teacher sent out a letter to the class parents earlier this summer on computer paper decorated with crayon illustration of smiling sunshines and froggies. I, as an adult, refuse to read communications from other adults decorated in crayon.

So I didn't read the letter. And it turns out there was important information in said letter.

I don't care for this lady already. I know that's probably wrong of me, but I just have a odd feeling that this year is going to be an odd year with this one. We have a parent-teacher-student meeting this morning. I need an attitude readjustment, and quickly.

Also this weekend - finally a weekend at home. My son wants to paint his bedroom sea foam green and gold (how great is this kid) so I anticipate we'll be picking up paint samples at some point, but other than that no fun stuff like organizing the house and getting ready for back to school. Although, I am actually look forward to it.

1 comment:

  1. Crayon and froggies? Barf. Preschool teachers do crap like that and it's insufferable. Fifth grade? That's after cursive writing, after long division, after art class doesn't even use crayons anymore. Fifth grade is prepare for middle school, start dissecting worms instead of growing beans, sex ed, multiple-month research assignments, multiple-draft papers and book reports. This teacher needs a swift punch in the ovaries.

    J'adore sea foam green and gold.