Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Year of The Bug

About a week ago, a group of foreign buggies took up residency in my intestines. Every time I eat I get bad cramps. Having not been able to eat, I have not been able to run. Having not been able to run, I have been grumpy and tired. My friend said the exact same thing happened to her, so I guess it is a bunch of buggies making the rounds.

I sweat like crazy last night, so I was hoping it was the buggies making their grand exit, but here I sit, slowly trying to sip an almond milk latte and my intestines are going ARE YOU FRIGGIN' CRAZY. It has been far too long since I have eaten and as a result of this vicious cycle I am still looking at a Christmas tree and a house that is a disaster.

Anyway, Happy New Year. For me, I am hoping to start the New Year later this week when my son and I head to The Keys. His big Christmas present this year was that I arranged for him to be a dolphin trainer for a day.

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