Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Civilization Has Arrived

Kate Spade is coming to Aspen. You have no idea how this changes my opinion of this State. Cuteness has arrived. Which is a welcome break in a place where people dress to be ready for a hike at a moment's notice. I am just a little bitter, as the allergy doctor told me that my daily headaches, itchy eyes, and stuffy nose are just the result of the air here. People have the impression that you come here for the cool, fresh mountain air. In reality, the mountains just hold all the dry, polluted air hostage. It's kind of a strange life predicament to live in a place where you are counting down the days until you can move (10 years minus two and a half months). I moved around all my life, and eventually every place felt like home. I've been here ten years now, yet it has never felt right. I think I might feel better, however, if I joined the really nice gym. After running at the gym at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek on the girls' trip, the Bally's just doesn't cut it anymore.

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