Sunday, May 13, 2012

Do We Offend?

Sometimes I wonder if I am an embarassment. I mean, true, I own way, way too many ridiculously patterned Cafe Capri pants from J.Crew. (I embraced them as a solution to my never-ending quest to find pants I didn't have to hem, being 5'1'', until I saw myself in the mirror and realized that what Cafe Capri pants end up doing on me is not so much being capris as being just generally oddly lengthed pants but buy them I continue to do as I have yet to find a good tailor in this town.) And I listen to The Bridge on my Sirius radio despite the fact that I am way, way too young for it. (What can I say. Every time I hear "Harry, keep the change," it makes my day.) And I almost always am off on a new topic before I finish the sentence I am currently speaking, causing people to look at me like they missed something, to which I have to clue them in that they have. We switched topics. But none of this my father or stepmother would know. They haven't been around enough. Yet I have to wonder if my son and I make them uncomfortable in some way. I texted my stepmother to tell her Happy Mother's Day. Oh I know. The former Southern Belle in me says texting is an overutilized and often inappropriate medium for many things (See, for example, previous blog entry wherein store manager quit job via text). However. Both of my stepdaughters texted me today to say Happy Mother's Day. That was all I needed. It was a sweet sentiment that, frankly, hasn't occurred every year since I married their father (different post on that issue). So, taking a clue from their playbook, I texted my stepmother. Who never texted, called, emailed back. So, this leads us to this question. Is it wrong, then, for me to ask for my pictures back. That is, the pictures that I bought on a trip to New Orleans of New Orleans because my family used to live in New Orleans that hung in my bedroom at my family house before my mom died, but my father's new wife took without asking to hang in her and my father's bedroom at their new house? I THINK NOT. My stepdaughter goes to Tulane now. I am sure she would appreciate those pictures in her room at our house.

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