Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Humbled, Honored, Forever In Debt

I alluded to this yesterday but it is worth repeating. I have been so amazed at our employees who have stepped up to help out when our manager abandonded us because she wanted to go on one last bender and then check herself into rehab. These are employees who could go across the street and make more money at busier jobs. These are employees who have no place to go with us - there is no career ladder for them. These are employees who make it possible for my husband and I to keep well-paying careers and run this investment as well - that is, employees who would have every right to consider us gluttons and deserving of any chaos that befalls us. Yet these are employees who have volunteered extra time, rearranged schedules, taken on more work, and spent their own money to be there and get things for the store. These are employees who called to see if I needed them, and then told me to get some rest when they didn't me. I am humbled. I do not know how to express my thanks in any way that seems worthy. We keep hearing from our employees that we are nice and that we are good people. Is that all there is? I think that might be all there is. A little nice, a little respect.

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  1. It is always refreshing to read about the really good people in the world. Glad they are part of your business!