Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Horrible Truth

I hate to pay for a gym when there is a free street right outside my door. (See picture. Free street outside my door. With a beautiful running trail right in the middle.)


It's cold and dark when I have the chance to run. (See ice on windows.) But one thing I have realized lately is that I really need to run five times a week, not three, for it to make a difference. Oh what to do what to do. I am not a cold weather person. Says the Canadian.


  1. How cold can it possibly be???
    Dont make it about being Canadian - in the summer it's hotter here than in Florida.

  2. I never make it to the gym in the spring and summer months..the sun is out, and I can walk and hike. Winter? No way in you know what are you getting me out in the dark, cold and sometimes rainy weather to exercise. That's when the gym becomes my friend again.