Monday, November 7, 2011

Swamp Things

As mentioned here before, my stepdaughter is a vegan. This makes perfect sense when you come from a place where the local delicacy is bull testicles, but this makes no sense when you live in New Orleans.

Do you know what's really good? Stuff that crawls out of the mud and into your pot. Swamp food. Deep fried alligator is delicious. Tastes just like (all together now) rattlesnake.

After wanting to stab my eye out with a fork at lunch because we were at a lentil restaurant mere feet away from a place selling fried shrimp po boys, my husband kindly directly us to real food for dinner.

There, at one of New Orleans' more infamous restaurants, my stepdaughter asked the waitress if the greens were made with any animal products. Bless her heart. To which the waitress replied, "Yes ma'am. Both cow and pig."

Both cow and pig. Now that's a vegetable!


  1. "Tastes just like (all together now) rattlesnake." Brilliant!

  2. You are a total bitch. Not at all about the food choice per se, but your very apparent wanting to disagree for the sake of disagreeing with your stepdaughter, or more specifically, disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing because she is your stepdaughter.