Monday, November 14, 2011

Nebraska Bound!

When my ex husband and son took off for a wedding in Nebraska this past weekend I had but one request. Just the one. Okay, it was a compound request, but still. I merely requested that my son be rested and clean for his prep school interview on Monday morning.

Wait, you say. Doesn't your son already go to that funky alternative school? Yes. But. Do you know what happens when you tell a 10 year old they can study whatever they want at their own pace. Let's just say we need a plan B.

I met them at the Prep School admissions office this morning and immediately noticed my son looked exhausted. On our campus tour he was leaning against walls and yawning when I wasn't trying to scrape the breakfast from the sides of his mouth.

After the tour my son went in for his interview, and then he came out and my ex and I went in for ours. When we came out, MY SON HAD REARRANGED THE FURNITURE IN THE WAITING AREA TO CREATE A COUCH AND HAD GONE TO SLEEP.

There is only one university in the entire country that is going to accept that he didn't get into prep school because he was too tired from raging at a wedding in Omaha. I hope he enjoys the University of Nebraska.


  1. Lol. This is why you should have a camera on you at all times.

  2. Hey, they did beat Penn State on Saturday.