Monday, February 6, 2012

It's a Tough Job Finding an Average Pastry

Although at The Franchise we make our own main product fresh every day, we can sell pastries as an ancillary part of the business.

On Saturday we endeavoured to try every bakery in the city to identify said pastries. This was fun and also I now feel huge.

The amazing part was the bakeries that sold products we couldn't believe they actually asked money for. This one store known for its beautiful cakes provided us with a cupcake and a muffin that nobody in my family would eat, and nobody in my family is a picky eater.

So it was a fun weekend but also a little bit frustrating. Who knew it could be so hard to find a decent muffin? It's at times like this that I miss Dallas so badly it hurts. The culinary scene in this town is as average as it gets. Also it's dry and cold and I am seriously considering that maybe I need some Patagonia in my wardrobe. It's a weird thing living somewhere where you never feel at home. But I digress. Really the point is we still need pastries.


  1. If you like, I could ask our suppliers if they know of a good wholesale bakery in your neck of the woods. Unfortunately, we don't deliver that far ;)

  2. Yes to Patagonia.

  3. Michelle - I have thought of you so often in this process. There is a solution out there but it is just too far away. Juliet - I actually really do like Patagonia