Monday, February 27, 2012

Only Time Will Tell

Today at exactly 3:00 we get an email providing whether or not my son got into the private middle school I really like - BECAUSE IT IS NORMAL. That's right. That's the state of education in this fine town. There appears to be one normal middle school.

However . . .

You may recall this story. The weekend before the interview my ex-husband and his girlfriend took my son to a wedding in Omaha. I requested of ex-husband just one thing - that he bring son to interview clean and rested. Son was so tired that he made a bed out of the chairs in the admissions office waiting room.

So our chances are not feeling good. I know one psychologist who works with the schools who tells me that the school has already notified their choices and the notificaiton email is for the rest of us. I have had another school counselor tell me, in all honesty, that it wasn't good that he made a bed in the admissions office. I am very nervous.

If he doesn't make it into this normal school, our options are this alternative school he is already in or our local public school which was given a grade of D on an A to F scale by the agency that ranks them. Extreme clock watching today my blog friends. Extreme clock watching.

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