Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today, Oh Today

I woke up to an email telling me I was wrong about a legal issue, from a non-lawyer. Not that I can't be wrong because it happens.


I'm a bit of a grump today. I dislike February 14th through March 18th. (After dinner on Valentine's Day from until 4 days after my son was born, my mom got really sick and never recovered. It was 11 years ago, yes, but you know how certain times of the year can do that to you.) I am tired of cold weather and gloves and scraping the car and painfully dry air. I have any overwhelming number of things to do. My house looks like a Hoarders after shot (you know, still not great but at least not imminently in danger of a condemnation). And everybody is bothering me.

I just cannot wait for that time tonight when we declare it done and crawl into bed and watch a show. We are in the middle of the first season of Californication. Also, I feel like I misled you about Portlandia. I thought the first two episodes were so good. Then they got okay. Now I find it unbearable. We are about 6 shows into Californication and it is way, way more cleaver.

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  1. I so identify with how you're feeling. My Dad crashed, 5 years ago, on Valentine's Day and died two days later. I had forgotten we experienced such monumental loses around the same time of the year. I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day for this reason. (A memory I love though, is that my mom put the valentine she was going to give my Dad in his suit pocket when he was buried)
    I didn't really even make the connection with how I was feeling until I read this post so thank you.

    My long winded point is, you're not alone. Hurry the hell up, Spring.

    Portlandia DOES lose it's charm a bit, although I still adore Fred and Carrie. Californication is fantastic (the writing!) and as much as I try, I cannot abandon that sulduggerous Hank Moody.