Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Butterfly Effect from a Bow Tie

My son is amazing. He is kind. He wakes up every morning smiling. He's crazy smart.

He also likes to wear blazers and bow ties. Every day. To school. I was thinking this would be like when he was two and wouldn't leave the house without a bib. Was that a fight worth having? No. And after about two weeks that phase was over.

So I thought maybe the bow tie phase would last two weeks. It has lasted months. Last night when we were at crewcuts because my son wanted to shop, he tried on pants and tucked his shirt way down flat into them. I told him that wasn't how it was done and he said that it was just the nerd in him shining through.

I asked him why he thought he was a nerd and he said it was because his dad said that. Being a mother is hard. I wonder if we would be here if I had said no to the bow tie - if I had insisted on jeans and hoodies. It's just a bow tie. But it's a bow tie. On a ten year old. Every day.


  1. While it may be hard to have a down side to being an individual, it's so fabulous that you have let him be who he is. Every kid needs that!

  2. I love that he's his own person -- at ten! And that he brushes off what his dad says so easily and just is. You've done well by him.

  3. Sooooo what's wrong with being a nerd? How does that saying go? Be kind to nerds, they will be your boss someday....?

    The bowtie didn't make him a nerd (if he is one) anymore than dance classes make a boy gay. He is who he is and you are a great mom for adoring him just the way he is.