Monday, March 19, 2012


Y'all have seen this before - my favorite nook. It's the kitchen window with the angel my friend Cheryl gave me after my mom passed away, the picture of Tahiti where we stayed the first night of our honeymoon, and you can barely see them, but also all the origami butterflies that my son made me that go up the wall. I love standing there at the kitchen sink and watching the world go by on the Parkway.

My other favorite nook? Our store in the morning. I love being near my restaurant quality espresso machine, having sunrise light up the store, listening to our Manager's Eagle music on the stereo, and greeting the area's residents when they come in to try out our coffee. It's just beautiful.

So, you ask, why is there not a picture of that store nook? Because we're not at the store! What? It's true. Of course we are watching it on our iPads. But we decided to trust our closer for one night. Oh, we'll be there tomorrow, but for now it's family night. Chicken drumsticks and Arrested Development. Also, frozen treats don't sell we'll when the temp is near freezing. The store is very quiet today. However. We got invited to be a vendor this summer at the city's biggest arts festival.

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  1. Congrats on the festival, and WHAT? I love frozen treats in the snow!

    Also, I just get a kick out of the fact you watch your store via iPad. That's hilarious. You're such new parents!