Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Day in Tsubo

I first saw these on a girl who I worked with at the nonprofit and I thought they were cute. Of course, she was the type that could wear athletic clothes on casual Fridays and look cute, whereas if I wore my lulu lemon hoodie to the office I would just look like an idiot.

I thought the shoes were so cute that I googled them and then I learned that they were designed for comfort. So I immediately hated them. Who wears comfortable shoes?

Well I will tell you who. Someone who spent an entire morning mopping a restaurant floor in career heels before she went to her lawyer job and someone whose two big toenails fell off after running in her son's shoes by mistake. What? TMI?

So I broke down and bought a pair of these comfortable shoes out of desperation and reminding myself that I once thought that they were cute before I knew they were suppose to be comfortable.

My feet are such wreck that I cannot tell you my feet felt great in these shoes, but I really did not even notice I was wearing heels. And I suspect if my sad two job runners feet were normal feet, these would be perfect. In other words, I approve.

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