Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Praise of Southern Women

Speaking of cataracts (we were, I promise), I saw The Blind Side this weekend. Yay for Southern women! I get frustrated with anyone who perpetuates the stereotype of having your hair done and eyeliner on for a trip to the grocery store as a bad thing. At my grocery store, I see women in pajamas, nubby flannel and yoga pants. Is this any better?

Anyway, Leigh Ann Toughy in the Blind Side may be an extreme case, but I would certainly say that she is typical of many of the Southern women that I know who dedicate themselves to their family and to charitable service. (So what if they do it impeccably groomed?)

One of my friends from the South moved here a few months ago. We were having sushi and I was telling her about how I needed to solicit silent auction items for a non-profit that I am involved with. The next time the waiter came over, my Southern friend said, just as natural as if she was ordering another tuna roll, "Would you mind sending someone over to our table who has the authority to make decisions about charitable donations." Within minutes, my friend had secured, on my behalf, a sushi dinner for four for the silent auction.

See. Southern women use their implants for good, not evil.

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