Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wonder Woman

I have a school carpool arrangement with another family. The mom is a high-risk OB-GYN doctor. I get a call this morning and it is the mom. She says, "I got called to do an emergency C-section early this morning so I am already up and about. Why don't you let me take the kids to school this morning?" Uh huh. She said that. This is her day: (1) Get out of bed in the middle of the night; (2) bring forth life; (3) drive carpool.

My first thought was that if she drives the kids, I will have some extra time to stop at Starbucks to get another coffee to help me through my day of not doing much. My second thought was WOW, did I just hear right? And my third thought was thank goodness for people like my carpooling mom OB-GYN friend. I had an emergency C-section and if it weren't for people like her, there is a large possibility that I wouldn't have the little grim reaper right now.

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