Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Franchise Update (Handling Setbacks)

This was how Friday went . . .

The mall broker called to tell us that they weren't actually going to be able to give The Franchise the space that they had offered us - that is, the second space that they had offered us, as they had already declined to give us the first space that they had offered.

Accordingly, I did what any mature and respectable business woman would do. I made several phone calls wherein the word incompetent was used liberally, and then I headed out with the specific goal of drinking (responsibly - my husband watched and drove - oh and he also took that picture which he thought he was sending to my personal inbox but actually sent to my work).

Negotiations begin now with Mall B. More rent (1.3X the rent) and less traffic than Mall A, but 5 minutes from home. The company that owns Mall B has a reputation for being more professional, so I am looking forward to that.


  1. Stupid mall. I am boycotting that mall, even though I don't live where you do. WHATEVER. My power is great.

  2. Mall A is lame. Hopefully they are just about to die a horrible mall death, wherein all traffic moves to Mall B. And Mall A will be left with Marshalls and Kohls and Sears as their anchor stores.

    And are you *sure* he accidentally sent it to your work? Or is he looking forward to you getting out of the cube, too? ;)

  3. I concur with EH, and also wish on Mall A a JCPenny.