Monday, October 4, 2010

Franchise Update

I think I have mentioned before that we decided to put The Franchise in a mall.

This made sense to us for several reasons.
(1) Most importantly, a mall provides a steady stream of traffic.
(2) The start-up costs are much less for a mall inline store or kiosk concept - you don't have to build out an eating area or put in bathrooms. In the long run, however, the rent is much, much, MUCH more for mall space. Did I mention the much?
(3) The Mother Ship presents four design concepts to choose from. The designs translate beautifully to a small space, whereas they can look more stark in a larger space.

I have spent a lot of time at the various malls in the area doing traffic counts at all hours of the day and night (while maintaining a very important cubicle job). I am probably listed as a suspicious person in the annals of mall security.

About three weeks ago, we were within a few dollars per square foot of a deal for an excellent location at a mall. Considering that we were talking beaucoup denaro, we were very close to an agreement. Then they gave the spot to a competitor. Not just another store - but a competitor.

Then they offered us an alternative which - are you ready for this - I like even better!!!! We are now in negotiations for that spot. People will have to walk by my beautiful store to get to the competitor. And this alternative is right in front of a big wall of windows (important to those of us that have been toiling away in cubicles when we have not been "at the doctor" doing traffic counts.)

Send blog karma our way regarding the spot. If you believe in The Secret, send us energy. If you believe in Santa, hope he sends us an early Christmas present. If you believe in Tony Robbins, this is not the blog for you. But I believe that if Lauren Conrad and Tori Spelling can run empires and write best selling books, I ought to be able to secure this spot. It's only right.


  1. I will keep fingers and toes crossed for you!

  2. Oh, I hope it works out. And I'm SO glad you like the alternative more! And one of these days I'm going to gather up Faux Trixie and drag her to visit one of the local versions of The Franchise so I can glow to you about how amazing it is.

  3. That's great that it could be ending up for the better! Good luck.

  4. Mall space is so expensive! But seriously, how can you beat the foot traffic?

    So - good luck! And are there any versions of The Franchise in my area I could go visit? (Hint, hint) :)

  5. EH - Where are you? I know where you might end up, but where are you now? Tell me at or send me your email.

    By the way, everybody, EH has a great, thoughtful blog that has so much that resonates with me. Check it out.

  6. Thank you! :) And I just sent a note.