Thursday, June 23, 2011

Come Spend The Evening

My son got an invitation to "spend the evening" with a friend. Do you suppose that means he is staying through dinner, or the night?

Thank you, everybody, for all your thoughts and kind words about him and the break-in. We've slept with all the lights on, but he otherwise seems okay. It might help that when he is with me it's a different house.

In other follow ups, the Mother Ship has given us some conditions on the space - that is, hoops that we have to jump through and conditions that the landlord has to agree too. We're almost there. Anyway, this is good news because it was looking like it was an unconditional no. We are mentally so ready to go. Since we first signed the agreement, there has been competition popping up everywhere. I have to say though, our product is the best by far.

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  1. Sigh, my good friends had the go from corporate for their franchise only to get a letter last week from the nearest franchise owner that should they open, that older franchise would sue. So now corporate says "oops, our bad, we need to change the zone" or something and you can't put your franchise there. Sheesh. Now my friends have to work to get the money they've already put into everything (like the lease etc) back. I do not envy that you guys have to deal with the "Mother Ship"!!!