Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time Time Time

1. I got the second of two tickets in two weeks for not having a current sticker on my license plate. It always falls off within days in the car wash. I'm current! I'm current!

2. The theme song to The Deer Hunter wrecks me. Also, one of the more disturbing movies ever. It happened to be on right before Less Than Zero. Super sad in a whole different way. Come to think of it, the theme song to that wrecks me too - not Hazy Shade of Winter but the actual Less Than Zero song. (This is what happens on Wednesdays when it is Top Chef rather than Real Housewives. I end up on the retro movie channel.) Anyway, didn't Brent Easton Ellis just recently write the follow up to Less Than Zero? I remember thinking that was a really important book when it came out, but I have no desire to read the follow up.

3. Sweet potatoes. Wash 'em. Grease 'em. 350 degrees for 45 minutes. We are skipping Boiled Peanuts, as my husband is allergic to peanuts. Soon it's fried veggies - now we're talking!

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