Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More So

Typically at concerts I am somewhat in awe of the cross section of humanity that is there as well. These people, these concert goers, are not like any group of people you find at your office, or the grocery store, or even the Walmart. You can't imagine where they come from or where they go after the show, but places like under a rock or in a cave come to mind.

But not at the Peter Gabriel concert. That looked like a law firm staff meeting.

And get this . . . he started EARLY. I love that. I hate being late. I am never late. I have once or twice even tried to be late but I just end up being on time. Peter Gabriel and I - peas in a pod.

Then it rained. At the outdoor concert. There was a fantastic lightening show beyond the stage for the entire evening.

He didn't do much of his pop stuff. In fact, he started off with a song about torture and ended with Don't Give Up which, for those of you who may not know, is one super emotional song about nobody wanting you when you lose.

So . . . this concert was right up my alley. I like my music mellow and emotional and often sad. I have wondered why this is so, as has my husband, as that would be about the opposite of my personality, which is NOT mellow and very rarely sad. In fact, I'm fairly high-strung and happy.

He did do Solsbury Hill which contains one of my favorite musical lines of all time:
"You can keep my things they've come to take me home."

Also he did do In Your Eyes. And I cried. Because that is what we high-strung, happy people who like emotional music do. We stand in the middle of a concert at Red Rocks in the pouring rain and cry.


  1. I *love* that he started early. But ending with Don't Give Up is - well. That's hardcore.

  2. I am the same way - no one would suspect I could cry at the end of SATC - the movie. *sigh* You should see me trying to get through 8Mile! I must be the only person who can cry at an Eminem song lol!

    I often like music to sound like the sountrack of my life - maybe because I often hear the ice cream truck in my head I feel I need something more serious to represent me lol

  3. One of my greatest "wish I had" moments in life was that I never got to see Peter Gabriel with Genesis. I've seen many a concert of his starting back in the late 70's and there was just nothing better, he always put on an amazing show. Solsbury Hill is probably my favorite of his old songs :)

  4. You sound like me... I still like Dave Matthews and bawled like a child when he did song #41 at Wrigley. I have a feeling I will cry when I see Paul McCartney and he does "Maybe I'm Amazed." MUSIC LOVERS UNITE!