Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Round Up

Last week at this time I was there. This week at this time I am here:

1. The Mother Ship did not approve our space. We are frustrated. Very frustrated.

2. I lost half of my readers when I began White Trash Cooking. Nevertheless, as I have now put off going to the grocery store long enough (two weeks), I think the hog laden festivities are about to resume.

3. My work mistake . . . largely forgotten. This just proves what a difference a boss can make. When I worked for that partner at big law, the same occurrence would have gone much, much differently. I feel so very, very blessed to be where I am now.

4. Tonight I get to see my best girlfriend. She has been in Texas while her mom goes through chemo. Now she is back and there is nothing quite like sharing a glass of wine with your best girlfriend.


  1. I wonder if you lost followers because they didnt want to read a cooking blog? I know that's not what you are but it was a lot more cooking than usual. I kept reading because you doing it saved me having to do it :O) I just like the WT desserts :O)

  2. The Mother Ship said no? Stupid (enter cuss word of choice). Whats the next step?