Monday, June 20, 2011

Mmmm Bed.

Growing up I lived in beautiful homes with lovely furniture and art. However. My parent's bedroom consisted of a boxspring and a mattress on a frame. No headboard. No bedroom suite. And that's where all the junk and unopened moving boxes gathered - right in their bedroom.

As an adult, my house has turned out much the same way. I've never owned a headboard. I once had a long talk with a friend who is also headboardless. We pondered why it is that it has never crossed our adult minds to want or need a headboard. And my therapist is all , "You are a grown up. The bedroom should be your sanctuary. You must purchase bedroom furniture." And I was all, "whatever."

But now these are 30% off at A or B. A or B. M can pay for his own damn university.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Christ, you mean because I still don't have a headboard I haven't grown up? I've rarely had a bed since I moved away from home that had a headboard (certainly not that futon bed frame I had for almost twenty years). Not a grown up. Sigh.

    B kinda speaks to me, but A would be more practical in my house (I can see the cats jumping down from B's frame!)