Monday, April 9, 2012

My Magic Bag

I had doctor's orders, people, DOCTOR'S ORDERS, to find a smaller bag. As you know, I was in search of a grown up bag. Left to my own devices, if comes in the color of candy, has a bow or sequins, and it is big enough to hold a small dog, I will choose that bag.


As things are going well at the place of employ, I felt like assuming a bit more of a professional handbag. See to the left. Amazing, huh? It is the perfect color to wear with gold or silver. And it holds all these things in nice little separate compartments:

My driving glasses, in their case
My sunglasses, in their case
My iPad
My work phone
My personal phone
My makeup bag
My big overstuffed wallet
My Sirius radio
My set of keys fit for a janitor

And it all tucks under my arm. Praise be the Coach Jayden.

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