Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Could Go Wrong?

By now the store has its own routine and the opening month's kinks have been worked out. My husband went out of town this weekend, and I was looking forward to a nice restorative weekend of some checking in at the store and getting some good rest to finally kick this mother of all colds. Instead I dealt with a 36 hour emergency plumbing problem (that is, to the extent that crud from the grease trap is not suppose to be seeping through the floor tiles in your production kitchen) and then, I crap you negative not an hour after the plumber left and declared us good to go, a credit card machine that stopped working. I AM TIRED IN MY BONES. Wait. Don't you have a manager? Yes. Yes we do. But she got in a fist fight Friday night and was not feeling all that well. Do you remember that book that was kind of popular in the early 90s that was by the checkout counter at all the Waldenbooks and Borders? It was called "Life's Little Instruction Book." I remember one and only one rule. Resist the urge to open a restaurant.

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