Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Primary Flaw with Fifty Shades of Grey

We are reading Fifty Shades of Grey for book club.  Not the Pi Phi Book Club, naturally, but The Other Book Club.  My sister-in-law read it on family vacation.  She wouldn't hang out with us because she couldn't put the book down.  My other sister-in-law read it through and thought it was so good that she read it again right away. 


Because The Other Book Club girls are so excited about this book and are already discussing it ahead of schedule, I figured we would actually be discussing said book on book club night and I made a promise to myself to read it.

I got to page 400 on the plane back from vacation.  My friend can't wait to lend me books 2 and 3.  No.  Please No. 

Because SERIOUSLY.  Did you note the part about where she was dressing for her date and she used a comb to put up one side of her hair.  GIVE YOUR READERS SOME CREDIT.  No woman since the mid-70's has used a comb to decorate/hold up her hair.  And then you think well, hey, wait a minute.  Maybe the book takes place in the 70's.  But no.  The main characters converse via email in parts of the book.

And also I feel a bit wierded out by the fact that so many people are so excited to read about the kneeling and binding and submissive stuff.  Do they not have cable?  Are their lives more exciting than mine?  Am I missing something?  Am I normal?  Because, frankly, I just don't want to read any more about this woman in the play room.  I don't care AT ALL what happend to her in there next.  Or what happens to her and him outside of there.  I could care less about this book.  Someone explain.  Obviously I don't get it because I have used shouting caps and italics to try to describe my confusion here in this post. 

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  1. My sister loaned me the book. I am only as far as her losing her virginity, and I'm bored. My sister swears it gets better.