Monday, June 11, 2012

Shoes! Glorious Shoes!

I only brought one pair of shoes on vacation.  Dort.  Look how artfully they are styled.  If this law and/or franchise thing doesn't work out, I can always become a stylist.  Look out Rachel Zoe.  I am smaller, blonder and smarter than you, and I can also go bananas, literally.

Where were we.  Oh, yes.  These love Coach jelly gladiators that are now on sale for only about 30 bucks. You can wear them with dressy little sundresses, shorts, jeans or even down to the beach because you can just hose the sand right off.  Having brought only one pair of shoes has left me lots of room for bangles, and I am a bangle whore.  Who can resist a Kate Spade bangle that says Rock the Casbah.  Note the lack of question mark as that is a rhetorical question.  

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