Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Christmas Gifts

I am working the tail end of a migraine, so this is going to be short . . .

Today I have a challenge for you - spend a little extra time chatting with someone today. It will make their day, I promise. It could be your assistant, your barista, the slightly slow guy that bags the groceries, or your boss. (It won't be my boss. It could have been my boss but then she sent me an email saying that we need to talk about my 2011 goals, thereby causing me to want to avoid her at all costs.)

Anyway, I did this recently with a new assistant at work whose group doesn't seem to talk to her much. I learned that, like me, she likes to mix her major Target wardrobe scores with her Tory Burch shoes. However, unlike me, she likes the Tory Burch logo reva flats. I do not care for the Tory Burch logo and I do not wear flats.

P.S. I wore my yellow kitten heels twice so far this week. Yellow is the new neutral.


  1. I just bought a yellow wallet. It is the new neutral!

    And hoping the migraine ends soon!

  2. 2011 goals: Open franchise, quit job, be rich and fabulous franchisee with gobs of happiness... etc. Dominate world.

  3. Hi there! Havnt been around for a while but popping in to say hellooooo!!!!!!!!!!
    Loving your posts this week! Gonna copy the question too :O) So thought provoking! It definately made me sit back and think about my life.