Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Way She Is

I quite like The Huffington Post. That is where I learned about Hungover Owls. Also, from time to time, movie star types will write opinion pieces. It is fun to see who can think and who should just look pretty.

Speaking of which - sidebar - I really liked Barbra Streisand. The Way We Were. Not only did she and Robert Redford have an orange wall at their beach house in Malibu, but - oh - the love that could just never be even though they really loved each other. And that final scene (spoiler alert) where Robert comes back with his new little blonde wife and sees Babs on the street and you just hate him for giving in to all the things that came too easy (i.e, not Babs) just like he foreshadowed in his creative writing class so many years earlier. Perhaps he knew where all this was going . . .

. . . a Main Street created in the basement of her home. Like, in real life (not her communist supporting Way We Were life), in her real home, she has a fake street with fake little shops, including an antique doll shop. No. For the love of God no. If you have that much money you buy art. You don't build a fake Main Street in your own damn home. Or, like Adrienne Maloof, you dress like a drag queen rodeo clown for charity functions. But a fake main street in your basement and a hardcover book dedicated to your decorating prowess? No.

So, anyway, I was reading The Huffington Post today and came across this article by Russell Bishop: "Could this one simple question be the key to greatness?" I guess since you can't have bright green blogs up at work for an extended amount of time, I'll tackle that one tomorrow.
(picture of bab's book from amazon.com)


  1. HA! I remember reading about the main street business and not being surprised at all. Not even fazed. She's a trip. And the crazy will only get worse as she ages.

  2. This leaves me with SO many questions. Does she hire people to work in the fake stores? Who's in charge with stocking the shelves? Does the stock turn over? Does she fill a shopping cart or carry bags around when she visits, get fake rung up, and later have someone put everything back, like a child visiting a Children's Museum? Does she charge herself fake *low* prices, so that she feels like she's getting a good deal, or fake *high* prices so as to remind herself that she's really, really rich?...