Wednesday, July 20, 2011

and the kitchen sink

1. I got an email that my yahoo account was compromised. Last month my bank account was compromised. I have different super stealthy passwords for both.

2. The guy from Weeds lost his cred when he showed up in a Brittney Spears video. I grow tired of Weeds. I liked the first season, the second was okay, and now we just watch because we have time invested in it. Right now I am obsessed with Nurse Jackie.

3. I am almost done redlining The Franchise real estate lease to add the broker's comments. We heard that the Mother Ship gets a kickback on the high-end, overly expensive equipment we have to buy.


  1. That's pretty sleazy (the kickback). Also, what type of relationship is formed with a franchisor/franchisee? Is it just an ordinary business relationship, or is there a higher duty attached to it?

  2. I hate kickbacks.
    And I too, had my yahoo account compromised. Though since I've switched to the "new" yahoo mail, I just wish someone would take all of it and throw it in the trash.