Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh No She Didn't

My husband's ex-wife wants my husband to continue paying her child support while their daughter is at university. That is, my husband, who is paying for the university, room, board, the meal plan, and who furnished her dorm, is also supposed to write this mother a big check every month for the daughter who is no longer living in the house.

HAHAHAHAHA. Makes my head fucking explode.

Let me make it perfectly clear - I absolutely want my stepdaughter to have every last thing she needs at university. The issue here is this - doesn't this woman feel dirty and pathetic for still wanting the check? Shouldn't this woman want to do something, anything, too contribute to her daughter's success and not just sit back and take checks? Shouldn't she be thanking my husband profusely for making university possible for her daughter?

Alright. We will put it to bed now, as the whole thing just makes me angry. In other news, my ex has actually stepped up to bat and is supporting my theory that we have to get our child out of this free-for-all hippy dippy alternative school that worked like a charm when he was little but is now just all to copacetic. Also, to be perfectly clear, I am not old enough to have a daughter in university. My husband is older than me, and the mother way older than that.


  1. First off: WOW. Really, she has no shame.

    Secondly: good luck school shopping. That sounds like the least fun imaginable. Wait, it is! Because I'm in the process of doing it, too. :)

  2. Doesnt child support run out when the child turns 18?

  3. I could see even maybe giving her child support over school breaks, if necessary (though even that sounds like a bit much)... but certainly not while stepdaughter is off at school. That's effing ridiculous. What a c-word.