Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My New Favorite Ski Town

That, down there

is Steamboat, viewed from the ass-kicking hike my husband made me go on before he would buy me a hamburger. And do you know what? After climbing two miles at a 90 or so degree incline for two hours in 100 degree heat I DIDN'T EVEN WANT THE HAMBURGER anymore; rather, I thought about perhaps barfing. And I'm a fit person. Also, my husband doesn't really make me exercise before he'll buy me food. He's just all oh look how cute you are climbing this mountain while breathing heavily while I manly man leap rock by rock over it then run back down to get you water then run back up to deliver it to you - you, you have earned a hamburger my dear. Or something along those lines as all I really remember is that I was hot and tired and making a note to my future self that when my husband says "let's go on a hike" I should say "define hike." As hike does not equal climb. Very different.

Anyhoo. That little town in the distance? Three places with tortilla soup and margaritas on one street. On one street. Brilliant.


  1. Lovely. I need to spend more time in Colorado!

  2. You should have asked him to give you a piggy-back! :p

  3. Woo, it looks a perfect spot for extreme skiing! Those aligned trees just make the scene so ideal. I can only imagine when it’s snowing there… it must be a beautiful view. As for me, my all time favorite skiing resort is the Avoriaz. :]