Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Y'all. On days when I cook, I'm still doing the White Trash Cooking thing. I deep fried eggplant the other night. I deep fried. I have always been scared of the deep fried process. And, apparently, my husband has always been scared of me deep frying because he actually got out the fire extinguisher while I was cooking. Dude. Have a little faith.

Anyway. Deep fried eggplant is delish. DEELISH. You just dredge eggplant circles through egg then salted cornmeal, and fry. However, when you deep fry in your house, there's not enough candles in the world to take that smell away. Also, I read that being around burning candles is no better than smoking. There's your ominous thought for the day.

I am almost considering a fry-daddy that I could plug in to the outlet on the porch. Because deep fried eggplant? Not available anywhere but delish.

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