Friday, August 27, 2010

Advanced Crock Potting Goes Underappreciated

I'm a big fan of I just pick a general category of food and look for something that's been heavily reviewed and has a good rating - usually I can't go wrong.

I love it when I read a review for something like, say, grilled eggplant, and the review goes like this:

"I give this five out of five stars. I did change the recipe a bit. For example, I did not use the eggplant."

The other day, pushing fall because I am sick of it being 99 degrees, I decided to try something from the crock pot section. I decided on crock pot chicken and dumplings. I figured that this would get me lots of cred with the husband and kid. The husband is from South Carolina, so how could he not like chicken and dumplings. The kid is a kid, so how could he not like chicken and dumplings. The reaction from both of them - meh. The thanks I get for putting things in a crock pot. And this was advanced crock potting. I had to add the refrigerated biscuit dough at a separate time from everything else.

That's it. I'm going to make them the grilled eggplant - and use the eggplant.

1 comment:

  1. I'm beginning to think your family is conspiring against you. First Rachel Zoe, and now crock pot meals? I refuse to believe that this could happen.