Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Woobies at Work

You can be certain that there are days when I want to go to work in my pajamas, dragging my blanket behind me (preferably the faux fur one I have yet to purchase from Pottery Barn). But I don't. Because, you know, it's work. It's very hard to seal the deal when you are wielding a blankie.

Now, I have seen some crazy stuff in offices, and particularly office decor. A former law firm partner who I worked for had three dimensional cowboy art. It was the talk of the office, but was kitchy in a Jackson Hole, funky dive bar kind of way. Lots of people have paintings by relatives. I've also seen a four foot Barbie (which is like running into a white-blonde pygmie with a rockin' bod), Glamour Shots of girlfriends, and a giant lucite paper clip that was, upon closer inspection, a statue of two people getting down to business. That last item was actually in my dad's office back in the 70's. I am scarred for life.

But the most disturbing thing I have ever seen is a throw over a desk chair. You know - a throw. A woobie. A blanket. A blankie. Over a desk chair. Not even when I had an office did I ever look at the chairs across from my desk and think that what those chairs needed was a throw. During my very first legal job I had an office with a couch. But never once did I even think that what that couch needed was a throw.

No woobies in the work place, people. It's just creepy. (Ah-ha, I just clued into the customer who would buy those gnomes I was talking about yesterday.)


  1. I have never heard of a throw being called a "woobie". Yay for new vocabulary.

    Remind me to tell you about Boss 2's office one of these days.

  2. a woobie? sounds illegal. :)

    i have a throw in my office, but not on my chair. i just use it when the A/C is blasting and it becomes unbearably cold in my office. i'm talking...enough to keep cold drinks very cold. T_T

  3. We have a guy with giant taxidermied animal carcasses in his office. Seriously.