Friday, August 20, 2010

Brilliant Marketing Plan

Yesterday night I rocked it into the wee hours at a Stella and Dot party. Get this concept: gather your friends, put out wine, and put out some jewelry with absolutely no obligation to buy.

Because I am wise to this concept, I went on the web page and had my one item already picked out. That's it. The one item. It was a cool wear anywhere nicely priced ring.

Instead I came home with long double stranded necklace of large orangish beads with a great big blinged out clasp shaped like a bee about to take flight. (Uh huh. You read that right. It's exactly as cute as it sounds.) And also a few Christmas presents. And a little bit of red wine headache.


  1. Dammit!!!! That's the necklace I want!!!!!!!!!!

    How do I get it? We dont have S&D here :O(

  2. Ok, but did you get the ring?

  3. Sounds like something you will wear everyday. Classic choice! PS I have a topaz ring the size of a golfball from the same company. I blame the mojitos.

  4. drinks and shopping mix very, very well. :)

    and thanks for your comment! it's encouraging. can't wait to start living in seattle!

  5. This happened to me once, but at a sex toy party. I walked in and was like, "I'm not buying ANYTHING. I just want sangria"

    Two "toys" (yes, they are ridiculous), one can of pheremone spray, pheremone perfume, and something else ridiculous (I can't remember what) later, I was thinking to myself, "So THAT's how this stuff gets sold."