Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Place That Inspired The Shining

Yesterday we went to Estes Park, where Stephen King got his inspiration for The Shining. Yeah, I can totally see how scenes like this could cause you to want to write about someone going crazy.

Speaking of being frightened, my son can't stand being in any eating establishment with antiques nailed to the wall.

Also, these were at the requisite tourist town Christmas Store, and are perhaps more frightening than the team spirit garden gnomes discussed last week.

Come to think of it, Estes Park is a little freaky.

But below, this picture makes me smile. In the words of the great American philosophers in Van Halen, just go ahead and jump!

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  1. thanks for your comment! :)

    hmm, i agree - i can definitely see why king was inspired to write about twins, a man gone crazy, and the power of an antique typewriter... and your son's reaction to antique things nailed to the wall? hilarious. :D