Monday, August 23, 2010

Please Bring Back Flight of the Conchords

My husband has this strange passionate hatred for Flight of the Conchords. Whenever he sees that HBO is playing reruns of the series, he cancels HBO. Then after a couple of months when he forgets why we no longer have HBO, he signs up for it again.

For the record, I will note here that my husband is wrong and Flight of the Conchords is brilliant.

We are currently in a non-HBO period. Accordingly, I have been exploring the B List channels of cable wasteland. Which is how I came upon Clean House. This is another hoarders type show, except that this one is hosted by Niecy Nash.

Yes. That Niecy Nash. The one from Reno 911. Now, I think we can all agree that hoarding is a serious mental issue. And I think we can also all agree that when a person has a serious mental issue, the cast members of Reno 911 might not be the first choice for expert guidance, although they are hilarious.

But hoarding is not hilarious. And this is serious too - As you know, I have a phobia of hoarding. It's like an anorexia thing where those girls can't see themselves for as thin as the really are. I can't see my house for as uncluttered as it really is. When I watched Clean House I got very anxious and felt the need to start throwing things out. This past weekend I threw out a very important piece of paper that my husband needed. On some level I know that my house is very uncluttered, but it is not uncluttered enough. It could always be more uncluttered. I have clutter anorexia.

This is very real and I want some sort of rehab for it, preferably in Malibu and paid for by my insurance.

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  1. Flight of the Conchords, Reno 911...I'm laughing just thinking about them. They are GENIUS. Second only to HIMYM. But we won't go there.... ;)