Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Adomestic Antihoarder

While I have a fear of hoarding and it totally messes with my zen if you leave anything on my carefully and sparsely accessorized counters, cleaning? Meh.

So when we have people over, it's a project. We were having my clean friends and their families over on Sunday. These are my two friends who don't work and have cleaning ladies. Once I dropped a piece of food on my friend Catherine's floor and when I picked it up it didn't have any hair or lint or dust on it. It was confusing and amazing so I went ahead and ate it.

Before the dinner party on Sunday I deep cleaned. On my hands and knees. I cleaned under the fridge. I remembered to dust the places that tall people can see. I even nonchalantly forgot to put away the Clorox in the bathroom. The risk of one of their toddlers finding it and eating it was not as great as the reward of my friends knowing that I have cleaning products just like they do.

We were standing around in my sparkling kitchen drinking wine when my friend Catherine looks over at a drawer and absentmindedly takes her fingernail and starts scraping some kind of goo off of it. I forgot to wipe the drawers.

Also, I forgot to clean outside. (We haven't been out on the deck much. It's as hot as Texas here by the mountains this year. Mr. Gore may just be onto something.)

I forgot all about power hosing the deck. One of my friends actually elected to bathe her children before she put them in her car. I give up. If you come over, we'll just hose you off on the way out. But please note I have no clutter. No clutter people. I may be adomestic but I am the antihoarder.


  1. I stay home and have a cleaning lady and I still seem to be cleaning all the time! Plus I need to purge more...it seems to grow everytime I turn around!

  2. That's hilarious. I would be pissed if someone asked to BATHE their child before leaving my home. Don't worry about it to much.

  3. Who ARE these people? Yikes. I don't stay home OR have a cleaning person (though I really REALLY want one and will get one as soon as I can afford one plus the shoes I require), and my house is a mess. I like it that way. It's a comfy sort of clutter. But these people? They're freaks.

  4. LOL! Did they bring their own towels?