Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drink Pray Drink

I am expecting to hear any day now about second interviews at the law firm.

This weekend, after 2 mojitos and half of a bottle of Austrian wine that was so red and so Austrian that it had chunks in it, I determined that if I had the good fortune to be making a choice between the law firm and the franchise that I will need to go on a spiritual journey to help me with my decision.

And I shall call that journey Drink, Pray, Drink. However, nobody is going to pay me to write about it (except whoever is advertising over there), and I can probably only leave the real world for about three days.

Where shall I go? Santa Fe? Rancho Pescadero? Napa?

And if there is no spiritual journey needed? That's okay too. Because that means all paths lead to the dessert franchise.