Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Spiritual Journey Needed

[I wrote this about an hour before I got the call from the law firm that they decided to go with an out of town candidate.]

I still haven't heard from Fantastic Law Firm.

But dare I say it - I think that I am leaning toward doing The Franchise. Because in this economy? It's a brilliant time to be opening a franchise that sells expensive dessert products that many people have never heard of.

In the end, it comes down to the fact that (1) The Franchise would be mine. (Well, for ten years and then for just a measly few thousand more I can buy the right to keep my business, but you know what I mean.) (2) Dessert is fun. Very few people on either side of a dessert transaction are stressed about it.

Many of my readers are lawyers and many of the blogs that I read are by lawyers. I still need that. I like lawyers and I respect lawyers. And I loved practicing law - from 5 a.m. in the morning all the way through to 11 p.m. at night. I was tired and overworked, but I truly loved being an attorney and I helped a lot of people along the way.

My husband is in Hong Kong sleeping during the day and working during the night. You're the first to know. (P.S. He took my iTouch so he could watch Invitcus on his 16 hour plane ride. How am I supposed to play Bejeweled and watch wee back episodes of the Rachel Zoe Project?)


  1. YAY for the Franchise! Sorry the firm went the other way, but that at least saves you from the Pray portion of the Drink, Pray, Drink tour. Drinking will still be necessary. PLUS now I can visit and eat dessert. Yum.

  2. I think the Franchise is a great idea!! Just go balls to the wall with your fancy desserts and have no regrets!! :)

  3. Provosts are ready to be taste testers!
    Wishing you tons of luck.

  4. I know that you are more excited about the franchise, but if its okay with you, I am going to hate Perfect Law Firm on your behalf.