Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Treat - 80's Coming of Age Movies/Video

It has been a bit of a heavy week in the blogosphere, no?

Accordingly, I am passing along the link (below) to this delicious clip on Funny or Die starring Ralph Macchio with a fantastic cameo by Molly Ringwald.

I never really understood the Molly Ringwald bandwagon. No way in real life would Andrew McCarthy and James Spader be fighting over her. In real life, (Pretty in Pink real life, that is) they would be sitting around in their linen suits, listening to OMD, smoking and drinking beer and agreeing how annoying and whiny she is and how her homemade clothes make her look like a psychopath with an obsessive compulsive sidedisorder for floral patterns. Ditto for Jake Ryan. Ditto for Judd Nelson.

And if she had been cast in Some Kind of Wonderful, she would have annoyed the heck out of Eric Stoltz. How was she not cast in Some Kind of Wonderful?

I realize that Jake Ryan is not the guy's real name. Does anybody know without looking who played Jake Ryan? Was he a Dillon? He has some Dillonesque features. I have a sudden urge to listen to Spandau Ballet.

Anyway, I truly appreciate Molly Ringwald's cameo in this clip, and love the whole video.
Chai came out of my nose when Ralph said "Bonsai Motherfkr."


  1. LOL oh my goodness that is brilliant!!!

  2. Jake Ryan was played by a guy who was a model. I'm not sure of his name. He was only in that movie and nothing else. At least he leaves an awesome legacy.